Introducing x

What is x?
x is a film and television production company based in East London between Shoreditch and Dalston. We make brilliant promos, commercials, music videos, documentaries, fiction films, and digital content for agencies, broadcasters and private clients – and often just for the hell of it. Basically, this sort of thing:

Want to see our showreels for post production and VFX?
No problem. Click here.

What else can x do?
Pretty much anything. We shoot on all digital formats in all weathers on all budgets. Need motion graphics? Not a problem. Want it scripted, shot, edited, and delivered within 24 hours? Easy peasy. We also do post and a whole lot more. Here’s a full rundown.

What makes x different?
We make films for a lot of reasons, but money ain’t top of the list. That means our clients are often surprised by how much care and attention we put into their films. Yes, we’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world, but we’ve also made videos for tiny start-ups and penniless musicians, and we bring the same attitude to every single project. Whatever the budget, whatever the requirement, we act like it’s Citizen Kane.

How does x feel about agencies and other production companies?
Good question. Read this.

Does x have fancy offices in Soho?
Nope. We do have an HQ, and we like it very much, but we’re not one of those companies. x is a collective of freelancers led by a core team of eight (Producer, Director, DOP, Editor, Animator, VFX Artist, Sound Designer/Composer, and Post Supervisor),¬†which means we can expand or contract our team to meet any size of job. Our unique approach keeps our overheads extremely low, and our standards high. But if you’re after a marble floor and a phalanx of runners standing by to fetch you a Frappuccino every five minutes, you’ve probably come to the wrong place.

Need a quote? Or not sure exactly what you need?
You should read this.

Not your cup of tea?
Yeah, we get that sometimes. Don’t sweat it. Those who like us love us – and that’ll do us just fine.